With So Many New Hot Forging Companies, How Do You Tell A Good One? This Is How:

With So Many New Hot Forging Companies, How Do You Tell A Good One? This Is How:

In the recent past, the forging industry has experienced immense growth. The growth of other industries like civil engineering and construction industry has expanded the forging industry. Other industries like the food and beverage industry have also been expanding. The demand for canned food and beverage is also fueling the demand for forged products.

But there is a trend of new hot forging companies coming up all over the industry in the last decade. This means you might be ordering your forged products from a newbie if you are not careful. Here are simples that you can tell a good new hot forging company:

Span of Operation

Experience is one of the first things you need to look for in new hot forging companies. Being new can be anything between 0-5 years. Therefore, you need to know how new the company is in the industry. If they are just starting to create their first product or have just operated for few months, it would be wise to avoid them. They should at least have been operational for two and above years. That would be a safe experience.

State of Factory

Some of the new hot forging companies coming into the industry are just here to make profits. They are not ready to invest in the best quality production equipment. If you plan to place a huge order, you must visit the factory to see what they have. If they have not invested in a modernized production line, then they are not serious about the quality of hot forged parts.

Quality of Forging material

The material used for hot forging is an important factor to consider. Some of the new hot forging companies would like to use low-quality materials but disguise them as top quality. But the quality of the forged products will end up disappointing you. If you want to buy steel or aluminum hot forged parts, check the grade of the material used. That’s how you ensure that you are getting the right quality.

Cost Of Products

Another way to identify a good new hot forging company is the pricing. Make sure that you have checked their prices against other companies. If they promise to offer the same quality, but the price margins are ridiculously big, avoid them. They might as well be fraudsters.