Key Dimensional Factors of a Hammer Mill Hammers

Key Dimensional Factors of a Hammer Mill Hammers

The rise of the wood processing industry over last few decades has increased demand for wood grinding machines. The number of wood grinders has risen over the recent years hence expanding the market. However, there are key things that users need to know about these machines to get the most out of them. Among them is the issue of wear parts. There are various facts about wear parts that users need to take into account to get the most out of these machines.

Among the many parts of most of the grinder machine is the hammer mill hammers. There are the parts of the machine smashes wood materials into small and uniform particles. Hammers come in different configurations. Among them are the dimensions that would greatly affect machines performance and output. Here are key dimensional factors that should be considered while buying hammer mill hammers:


One of the crucial things that people need to look out for is the thickness of the hammer mill hammers. Thickness of the hammers means that the quantity of the material used for the construction is high. Therefore, the strength and hardness of the hammer are higher than that of the thinner. However, the thickness of the wear depends on the kind of wood grinding that you are doing and the type of model. You may buy very heavy hammer due to thinks which will make it difficult for the machine to work properly. Therefore, check the thickness of the hammer mill hammers while buying.

Swing Length

This is another factor that you need to consider while buying. Note that hammer mill hammers work within a certain length. That is the areas within which the hammer can swing. If you get it wrong in swig length, then you will have a problem with both the production as well general operation of the machine. A perfect length will enable for efficient grinding since enough space is provided. If the length is beyond, then you might end up destroying other parts.

The Width of the Hammer

While buying these tools, it is important to consider the width of the hammer. This is a dimension that will greatly influence the cutting performance of the hammer mill hammers as well as longevity. Depending on the type and the model of the machine, the wear down of the hammer usually happens along the width of the machine. Therefore, get a perfect width but depending on your grinding needs.

Other dimensions that are also important to check is the diameter to fit the rod size and the total length of the machine.